Who are the 22 veterans?

In 2012, a VA report stated that an average of 22 veterans died by suicide in both 2009 and 2010. Recently, this number has become popularized in the 22 push-up challenge, bringing awareness to the issue of suicide among veterans. In the wake of this popular campaign, I want to bring attention to a question that has […]

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Why Veterans Die by Suicide

To answer the question of why veterans die by suicide, we must first consider the reasons why anyone might be driven to consider this option. Than, we must consider how this knowledge applies to the unique experiences of veterans. Suicide is a reaction to extreme psychological pain. Suicide is not a “cowards way out,” nor […]

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Military Betrayal, Civilian Isolation

Many people think PTSD is the root of all mental health problems among veterans. This oversimplification is often reinforced by behaviors considered abnormal. One veteran I spoke with claimed to have stopped a dangerous driver, thrown him out of the car, and “gave him a life lesson.” Most people would accuse the veteran of needing anger management […]

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Recovering From Moral Injury

Upon returning from war, many veterans experience a sense of guilt or shame resulting from incidents that occurred during their deployment. As discussed in my previous post on why moral injury is so dangerous, the sense of isolation and shame can result in suicide. Here, I consider a few novel ways moral injury can be […]

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Why is moral injury so dangerous?

Expanding on my previous post on moral injury, I want to emphasize why it is so dangerous. Moral injury often lurks under the radar, taking lives and leaving survivors unable to make sense of the tragedy. Since moral injury has not yet been officially adopted into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, mental health professionals […]

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Moral Injury

Invisible injuries inflict psychological pain that can drive sufferers to end their lives. Although many of these invisible injuries are now well-known, there is a new name for a timeless problem that has affected millions, under the radar. In recent years, moral injury has come to be defined as a profound sense of guilt or […]

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